After teaching the same universal principles to developing producers over and over, Mark realized the need to create a music production school that offered students an education that would actually serve them well and teach based on current and innovative trends in music engineering. He created full courses, multiple genre specialist sample packs, midi packs and track templates that enabled people to finally gain the knowledge necessary to produce the caliber of music they wanted. The program continues to help producers of all levels. Mark’s 121 Tuition program, in which he instructs clients individually, is in very high demand.

Mark has taught engineering and helped with mixing and mastering to a growing list of top DJs, including Lisa Lashes, the #1 Female DJ in the world. He has created tutorials covering all aspects of production, from start to finish. These have been released on various websites and equip new engineers with everything necessary to make music in Ableton, Cubase or FL Studio.

Serving as assistant and mentor, Mark worked with DJs and artists to bring their music up to music industry standards and release tracks on their choice of labels. His help and mentoring has led to many success stories. His approach to teaching and mentoring helps artists understand the foundations of music production in a way that helps students develop a deep understanding of complicated processes in a short amount of time.


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